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Criminal Defense

Driving under the influence

Already arrested for a DUI? Call our office so that we can speak with you immediately. It is important that you speak to an attorney while the event is still fresh in your mind. There are long term consequences to any DUI arrest, and speaking with an attorney can help you understand what your best options are now, as well as how the outcomes of your case can affect your future.

What is the legal limit for alcohol intake?
A blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher indicates that you are over the legal limit.

Can I refuse the breathalyzer?
Yes. The first and second time you refuse a breathalyzer test, you will face a loss of license of 180 days. You may be able to get a license before that time; contact our office for more details.

We have an extremely high percentage of not guilty outcomes in OUi defense representation

Domestic relations

Divorce – Uncontested

Have you and your spouse discussed divorce and are agreeable to the terms of dissolving your marriage? A 1A divorce may be your best route. This type of divorce is less costly and often finalized much quicker, as the parties do not need input or decisions from the Court.

Divorce – Contested

Your marriage is breaking down – what do you do to prepare to move forward? Our office has handled hundreds of divorce cases. We also have experience dealing with pre-divorce planning, and complex cases involving 209A restraining order cases, allegations of abuse, and removal cases.


Have circumstances changed since you were divorced or since your last Court Order? Do you have a child support Order you can't afford or a visitation schedule that isn't working out? Should physical custody change from one parent to the other? Circumstances often change that the parties can't plan for, and filing a Complaint for modification may be the route necessary to accomplish what you need.

Child Support

Are you receiving child support for your child? Are you paying too much child support? The custodial parent has the right to receive child support, in the amount determined by the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. A reduction in income or loss of job can reduce your support obligations. Support can be backdated to the day of filing, but not before that, so don't delay in contacting our office today!

Liquor Licensing

Liquor licensing, entertainment licensing, and complaints

Open a bar or restaurant? Purchasing an establishment or transferring a license? Contact our office; we have experience in handling matters before the Alcohol Beverages Control Commission (ABCC).

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The firm's estate planning practice includes drafting wills, trusts, health care proxies and durable powers of attorney, and legal issues relating to the release of protected health information under HIPAA.

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